London Plaques, 5 Fascinating Walks Mayfair, Marylebone and St James's is the first in a series of books that make walking around London, much more interesting.

Broken down into 5 walks of between 2 and 4 miles, all the interesting people and plaques are detailed in order, with a helpful and stylish map for each.

This is a biography for each person at each stop along the way.

To view some pages from the book click below, where you will be able to see the book's introduction and some of the pages and people from the first walk around Mayfair South.

But there again, it may be the first walk in our book but you are free to walk around in whichever order you like.

And if you are not planning to walk the the walks when you first buy the book - it makes an extremely interesting coffee table or bedtime read.

View an online extract from the book here


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